job title:
favorite color:
mmm... #allthecolors
what's on your desk:
pens, sticky notes, hot sauce, planner
coffee or cocktails:
definitely both!
favorite Freckles product:
Take Note notepad
super power:
super bionic hearing
something else I'm obsessed with:
everything having and in its place 

I'm so happy you found your way here! Connecting with you (aka the best customers ever!), whether you're buying for yourself, your friends or your store, is one of my favorite parts of small business ownership. You keep me smiling, motivated, and inspired to create products that return the smile to each of you. 

I've been a creative brain since day one; experimenting with painting, scrap-booking and many types of design. A very brief interest in fashion design led to an intense passion for home accessories and space planning. My background is in visual merchandising and interior styling, which holds a very special place in my color-loving heart. On my journey in the merchandising field, I was led in the direction of graphic and product design. Now, an eclectic mix of all my passions has turned into the creation of my heart filled brand, Freckles Creative Studio.

Currently based in Oklahoma City, Freckles began in Flower Mound, Texas, a suburb of Dallas that I love to call my hometown. As a born and raised Texas girl, I always imagined I’d live my adult life in Texas after college at Oklahoma State University (Go Pokes!). While working at my first “big girl job” in Dallas I started Freckles Creative Studio and lasted one whole year in Texas before joyfully fleeing back to the great state of Oklahoma to grow my brand.

I could not be happier to call Oklahoma City my home and the home base for my business. I just love it here and hope to stay, grow and celebrate every day with a smile here for a long time!

In addition to being the Chief Color Officer for Freckles, I am the owner/operator of sister company, Hooray Mail (snail mail for kids y'all!) and I offer visual merchandising, product styling and product-based business consulting services and resources through Freckles School. All the time that is left (insert laughing/crying emoji) is spent eating out with my “main squeeze” Kevin, snuggling with our 3 dogs and coffee or happy hour dates with my loving and supportive gal pals.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your life. Cheers!




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